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And so it begins...

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The entire Wuzthere team is glad to say that our website is fully up and running, and invite you all to join!

For those of you unaware, Wuzthere takes the social aspect of Internet photos and videos to a new level that other sites have not touched yet by allowing users to add many levels of meta data on top of media.  Through Wuzthere users can upload videos and photos and assign them to a specific location - be it an address that a party took place or a city that a user visited.  Another layer of social data is added on top of this by allowing other users to say that they were at the place when the media was taken or that they have been there at another time.  Two users could have casually met at a party and then reconnect through a photo on Wuzthere.  Another user may not have been at that party but has been to that club before and can meet other people with similar interests.  All of these layers of meta data allow connections to be created between photos and videos with locations, people with people, and people with locations.

To enhance the usability, we also developed a Facebook application that allows users to upload photos directly from their Facebook account.  They can also put a fully interactive Wuzthere map on their profile containing their personal pictures and the locations where they were taken.  Friends' photos can also be displayed on the profile map, allowing users to connect even further.

Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comments of this or any other blog post in the future, and I (along with the rest of the team) will do my best to reply. Your feedback is much appreciated!

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